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Social Care

Ligature awareness training

Our 4 hour course is designed to give learners the skills and confidence to deal with incidents of ligature.All learners will undergo training in how to manage a situation and to safely use ligature cutters. The course explores what ligatures are and learners areinstructed in the safe and appropriate way to deal with ligature incidents as well as practically assessed on Basic Life Support.

Conflict management training

This 1 day course helps learners understand the background to conflict and the contribution they can make to either calming or escalating a confrontation. Throughout the course leaners build on key skills to build their confidence and maintain their composure whilst de-escalating conflict.

De-escalation training

This 1 day de-escalation training course is designed for any staff who work with children and young people.
The course is developed considering the physical intervention and de-escalation needs within the workplace, be that educational premises to work premises.

We supply a wide range of social care courses including drugs and alcohol awareness, suicide awareness and many more. Contact us for your training needs.

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